The Rainbow Six Mobile Closed Beta release date is September 12th

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Ubisoft’s mobile efforts are continuing to grow. During today’s Ubisoft Forward showcase, the company announced the closed beta window for Rainbow Six Mobile, its upcoming tactical shooter based on the Tom Clancy’s sub-series. Players will have a chance to try it out starting on Sept. 12.

The company’s mobile initiatives are still expanding. The business revealed Rainbow Six Mobile’s limited beta period during today’s Ubisoft Forward display, which is based on the Tom Clancy’s subseries. Starting on September 12, players will get an opportunity to test it out.


  • Rainbow Six Mobile will retain the series’ signature 5v5 gameplay with attacking and defending Operators. Ubisoft wants this to be an authentic Rainbow Six experience, just one built for mobile devices rather than console and PC. As such, the team is pushing the visual fidelity as much as possible.

  • Previously the studio held a closed alpha for Rainbow Six Mobile in May. This beta is supposed to expand the amount of content players can test out, featuring the Clubhouse map found in Seige. Other notable locations include Bank and Border, giving people opportunities to play in close quarters and more open areas.

The company also revealed during the showcase that The Division Resurgence will be holding a closed beta this fall, though exact dates were not provided. Elsewhere it was revealed that Ubisoft is working on multiple Assassin’s Creed games including Mirage, Codename Hexe, and Codename Red. The latter two will take place during the witch trials of the Holy Roman Empire and feudal Japan, respectively.

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