The Sega Genesis Mini 2 console is a continuation of the trend of classic small and complete consoles

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  • Sega recently launched its latest mini console (the Genesis Mini 2). Classic Sega titles all wrapped up in one unit. No need to change cassettes or CDs. The company is capitalizing on the success that some of these consoles have had, like Nintendo’s NES and SNES Classic devices, which sold out in stores before they realized they were sold out.

The new Sega Genesis Mini 2 console is packed with an impressive 60 games, including some of Sega’s CD classics. Includes titles that have never been released before (see below for full list). It will bring some nostalgia to an older generation of Sega fans while also introducing some classic titles to a new generation (assuming they haven’t found their own way to access some of those hits. ).

It also comes with a wired 6-button controller (single) that connects via USB and supports controllers from previous Genesis Mini consoles. You can also buy another controller if you don’t have the previous mini console. The controller alone is $19.99.

Amazingly, the mini console has yet to sell out after its October release. These don’t seem to sell out as quickly as Nintendo’s alternatives (although that’s because Nintendo intentionally limited quantities to stir the pot).

Available exclusively from Amazon (button below), it currently retails for $104.40. It was a little more than the original $99 that everyone expected, and a little less than the price it sold in the UK (at the time he was £104.99 or about $121).

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