The stealth performance of the Ford Expedition 2022 delivers rapid acceleration

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When Dodge loaded his 475-horsepower V-8 into the Durango, the bonnet had a scoop, racing stripes, and an exhaust note of his, presumably heard from a police helicopter chasing it. But the 2022 Ford Expedition Limited’s Stealth Performance package is as different as the name suggests. Aside from the red brake calipers, the resulting vehicle is more understated than the rest of the Limited lineup.

Performance packages are often accompanied by fanfare and peacock chasing, especially when it comes to tuned SUVs. An SUV already expresses your lifestyle ambitions, so naturally those with horsepower don’t hesitate to show off. When GMC put his 280-horsepower turbocharged V-6 in his 1992 S-15 Jimmy, not only did they give it ridiculous graphics and an aerodynamic fairing, but it Renamed Typhoon.


  • This adds 40 hp and 30 lb-ft of torque. Don’t be tempted by the 303A group of devices. This cost him $4670 and is just stealth without performance. Along with a high-performance V6 (440 hp, 510 lb-ft of torque) and dual exhausts, the Stealth Performance Package features a sports-tuned chassis, 3.73:1 final drive ratio, and a 22-spoke 6-inch painted black . Wheels and red calipers with no obvious steals.

  • The trim is blacked out and the power is up, making it perhaps the meanest drag racer.With two turbochargers boosting the mighty 3.5-liter V-6 engine, the Stealth Performance vehicle hits 60 mph in 4.9 seconds. and clear the 101 mph quarter mile in 13.7 seconds. Try this after running Dairy Queen’s drive-thru and you can blow a blizzard out of Rear his window. To get this most sophisticated Expeditions, you’ll need to order Limited (RWD or 4WD, Regular Wheelbase or Max) and add the 304A Gear Group (aka Stealth Performance Package) for $9880.

It also features plenty of blacked out trim (grills, roof rails, power deployable running boards, headlight bezels) and a 22-speaker B&O sound system. Oddly enough, the model positioned as the performance pinnacle of the range has a few key pieces of hardware that remain optional. You can also add

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