These are the three features that I hope the AirPods Pro 2 will include

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Other earbuds can do one or more of these things well, but the complete package is harder to find than Apple’s. I’m happy with the AirPods Pro, but they’ve lost their luster over the last three years. 3 years! It’s crazy how these groundbreaking earbuds are so old. And other tech companies such as Samsung and Google have been rolling out their own versions of pro-level wireless earbuds for the past three years, with no response from Apple.

First, I love my AirPods Pro. Working in music stores, Best Buy, Apple stores, and covering iMore tech, I’ve tried many headphones. Despite all the headphones and earbuds that have come my way, my AirPods Pro have always dominated. It combines great wireless earbuds with the perks of living in Apple’s walled garden. The earbuds are comfortable, have great battery life, sound great, and support Siri and Find My.


  • While I am happy, I am also worried. We waited his 3 years for the 2nd generation. The second generation usually sets the tone for the product line. So Apple really needs to bring it in. AirPods Pro offer the best audio quality when it comes to wireless earbuds, but audio quality can always improve. Since launching his AirPods Pro, the company has brought spatial and lossless audio with Dolby Atmos to Apple Music.

  • Looking at all these new products and their advancements, my eye is on the Galaxy Buds 2 Pro and Pixel Buds Pro. My AirPods Pro are starting to look a little dated and worn out, and these newer offerings look so shiny and modern. Thankfully, Apple will likely launch the AirPods Pro 2 this fall, so it doesn’t look like we’ll have to take the dark path of Android-based earbuds.

AirPods Pro could take advantage of spatial audio enhancements, but not lossless audio. In fact, at $549, none of Apple’s headphones, including the AirPods Max, have taken advantage of lossless audio. This has less to do with software than Bluetooth possibilities. However, Apple is rumored to introduce new technology to its headphones that will allow at least some degree of lossless audio quality with Apple Music and other services that support Hi-Fi audio.

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