This week, GPT-4 will launch, Microsoft Germany’s CTO reveals

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“Next week we will present GPT-4, where we will have a multimodal model that offers completely different possibilities, for example video,” he said, according to German news site Heise.

Andreas Braun, his CTO at Microsoft Germany, indicated that the new system will launch next week when speaking at his AI in Focus-Digital Kickoff event last week.

If the rumors are true, OpenAI’s latest technology will be different from previous models. Multimodal systems can process data in many different formats, including text, images, video, and audio. Like the company’s older GPT 3 model, the new ChatGPT can only handle text.

Microsoft has contracted exclusive access to OpenAI’s models and continues to integrate them into its products. It has not yet been announced which models will power the latest Bing AI web search engine. Many speculate that it may be GPT-4.

DuckDuckGo launched its own AI web search chatbot designed to summarize information from Wikipedia and answer user queries.

When a user types a question, DuckAssist responds and attempts to generate an answer by extracting information from the relevant Wikipedia or her Britannica web pages. DuckAssist is less flexible than competitors such as Microsoft’s Bing. It is designed to answer specific questions and is not suitable for open-ended, subjective questions.

DuckAssist is based on a text generation model developed by OpenAI and Anthropic. In a statement, DuckDuckGo said, “This is the first in a series of generative AI assist features we hope to introduce in the coming months. Because we believe it helps us find answers to things instantly. If this DuckAssist trial goes well, it will be available to all DuckDuckGo search users in the coming weeks. “

DuckAssist is based on large language models that don’t always produce factually correct text. Wikipedia also sometimes contains incorrect information. DuckDuckGo acknowledged that DuckAssist does not always produce accurate answers. Especially if you are asked a complicated question. “Since the amount of information the feature can summarize is limited, we use specific phrases from Wikipedia that we believe are the most relevant. Important phrases may be accidentally omitted when the relevance feature is turned off. Inaccuracies may arise if the cited source material contains fundamental errors.”

Microsoft is the first company to launch a new AI web search chatbot for the Bing internet browser. Google plans to make its competitor Bard available in Google Search soon.

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