Today, Xbox Game Pass adds three more Day One titles

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  • Xbox Game Pass recently announced eight new games coming to the subscription service, and three of them will join today, September 22. For many people, Xbox Game Pass is the gift that keeps on giving. and that’s true for all three of these games because they’re one-day titles.

Daytime titles are perhaps the strongest point of Xbox Game Pass. It allows gamers to experience games they have never seen, release date and month. One of today’s additions is long overdue, but it stands to reason that the other two may have test-piloted various other radars.

Many fans have been excited and waiting to see Slime Rancher 2 come to Xbox Game Pass, enter it via Early Access/Game Preview today, and it includes some new slimes and other features. It should be noted that for this reason it does not have features such as achievements and the game will continuously be expanded over the next 18 months or so. However, games like Grounded show the potential of early access titles on the service.

The other two games are SpiderHeck and Beacon Pines. All of them are available through all Game Pass ways with the exception of SpiderHeck, which will not be playable through the Cloud. SpiderHeck is a couch co-op game that offers fast-paced gameplay that revolves around spiders using laser swords, grenades, rocket launchers and more to defeat their enemies.

However, some dates are more suitable for some players than others. If today’s additions don’t satisfy some fans, there’s plenty more to come this month: Moonscars and Grounded’s Full release September 27, Let’s Build a Zoo and Valheim (Game Preview). ) on September 29 and the Paw Patrol Grand Prix on September 30.

It’s an interesting premise and nothing quite like it on Xbox Game Pass. Meanwhile, Beacon Pines is a “cute and scary” narrative adventure game where the player is the reader and protagonist of a book, with the player being able to choose different passages of the sentence. stories and switch decisions through a number of charms. There’s no denying the extra exposure via Xbox Game Pass to these indie games.

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