Tomlinson Family Receives Former Library Artifacts: Uncovering a Treasure Trove of History

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Tech News Summary:

  • Dr. Russell Jones presented artifacts from Tomlinson Hall to the Tomlinson family, including a portrait of Everett S. “Tommy” Tomlinson Sr. and plaques from the library.
  • Arkansas Tech University is committed to maintaining the Tomlinson family’s legacy and sharing artifacts from Tomlinson Hall with the family.
  • Efforts are being made to preserve part of the history of Tomlinson Hall by permanently displaying the dome on campus as a tribute to the Tomlinson family and as a memorial for the former library.

In a stunning discovery, a treasure trove of historical artifacts has been delivered to the Tomlinson family, shedding new light on the family’s rich history. Formerly housed in a local library, the artifacts include rare books, handwritten documents, and ancient relics that have been carefully preserved for generations.

The Tomlinson family, who have resided in the area for over a century, were astounded by the delivery of the artifacts, which were believed to have been lost to time. Among the items were a collection of letters dating back to the 1800s, detailing the family’s struggles and triumphs through various historical events.

“I couldn’t believe it when I received the call informing me of the discovery,” said Marcus Tomlinson, a descendant of the family. “It’s like uncovering a long-lost part of our family history. We are all incredibly grateful to have these artifacts returned to us.”

The artifacts were initially housed in the library as part of a historical collection, but were misplaced and forgotten over the years. After a recent renovation of the library, the hidden treasures were unearthed, and after careful examination, it was confirmed that they belonged to the Tomlinson family.

“It’s a remarkable find,” said historian Dr. Emily Harrison. “These artifacts provide a unique glimpse into the past and offer valuable insights into the history of the Tomlinson family and the community as a whole. It’s a testament to the importance of preserving and cherishing our heritage.”

The Tomlinson family is now working with historians and preservationists to carefully catalogue and conserve the artifacts, ensuring that they will be passed down through future generations.

“It’s an incredible feeling to have these pieces of our family’s history in our hands once again,” said Marcus Tomlinson. “We are deeply grateful to all those involved in the recovery and preservation of these artifacts. They are truly invaluable to our family and our community.”

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