UK’s first immersive art center gets screening from Panasonic

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The project is configured with more than Fifty 3-Chip DLP Laser Projector Panasonic will deliver 479 million pixels You one million lumens of brightness to deliver truly amazing picture quality Four Immersive GalleriesTo which a fifth gallery dedicated to corporate and educational events has been added . The second layer of immersion corresponds to the audio system, which has360º surround sound reproduced in 158 R8 Speaker from british manufacturer em acoustics, Thief over 36,000 watts Why amplification? These speakers are used in every gallery, delivering audio with impressive detail, clarity and control.

With an area of ​​2,787 square metres, frameless Will open its doors in the heart of the West End marble Arch In London, on 7 October, to provide the largest permanent immersive digital art experience in the United Kingdom. For its implementation, Frameless is Panasonic As a technical partner in projection and large format screens, in addition to collaborating with experts in live and immersive events creative technology to integrate all AV devices, and with autograph sound As a supplier and installer of audio.


  • Creative Technologies worked with his Frameless to supply and integrate all video systems into the attraction and related services throughout his four immersive galleries and other locations in the installation, including lobbies, escalators and coffee bars. It offers. In the audio domain, Autograph Sound is responsible for delivering and integrating all sound systems in various frameless immersive galleries

  • Featuring sheet music written specifically for Frameless, each gallery features a soundtrack and custom sounds with interactive audio activated by audience movement. All of this combined with his HiveCalibration cameras, switches, motion and depth sensors in the latest generation media servers to provide a unique and evocative experience. Using 3-chip DLP technology, the frameless mounted RQ22 and RQ35 spotlights deliver unparalleled levels of brightness and resolution for consistent long-term color uniformity in Panasonic’s tiny compact devices To do.

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