Uses the Arm Immortalis GPU to maximize gaming performance

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  • Beyond entertainment and gaming, we are already seeing real-time 3D technology in various industries and use cases, originating in game development and being used in automotive, medical, industrial, construction, navigation, and more.

Arm isn’t the only company to talk about the transformative power of real-time 3D. Unity, whose platform is used by 70% of the world’s mobile game developers, also shares this belief.

Alex McLean, Vice President of Engineering, Unity Technologies, said: It will be the biggest technological development to blur the industry. Game-tried and tested technology will be adopted in industrial, educational and retail environments. ”

When it comes to real-time 3D content, games are a great place to start. A game developer is bringing complex 3D game content, previously only possible on PC and consoles, to his mobile devices. This is mainly due to him for two reasons. The first is advanced engineering and development skills. Then there is advanced and more powerful mobile computing.

mobile games

As part of the launch of Arm Total Compute Solutions, I had the pleasure of speaking with John Romero, the “Godfather of Gaming” and creator of Doom and Quake. He talks about the early challenges in creating his most basic 3D gaming experience on PC. But 10 years later, they’re not only commonplace on these devices, they’re actually pretty much like the real thing. This progress has not been an easy task, but the results have been astonishing.

Mobile gaming – a massive $103.5 billion industry now larger than the console and PC gaming markets combined – is driving the development of real-time 3D technology.

For game developers on mobile devices, 3D game content used to seem like a niche thing, but it’s becoming a driving proposition on today’s latest smartphones. Major AAA game titles like Call of Duty, Fortnite and Genshin Impact were previously reserved for his PC and console markets, but are now all available on mobile.

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