Valve filed trademarks for Counter-Strike 2

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Initially, the long-awaited CSGO Source 2 engine update seemed imminent, but a little research at the US Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO) suggests that this could be a full Counter-Strike 2 instead. It seems to indicate something. On March 14th, Valve Corporation filed a trademark application with the USPTO for something called “CS2.” If that wasn’t enough, the filing includes a “Related Properties” section outlining other valve brands CS2 may be associated with. This section contains two serial numbers. Searching for those two serial numbers will bring up two other of his Valve properties, Counter-Strike and CSGO.

In summary, Valve made many changes to the CSGO Steam archive this week, added a new executable called “CS2”, and made updates and changes to the Counter-Strike Global Offensive beta platform.

More simply, Valve has applied for a new trademark for what he calls CS2. This is intellectual property associated with the Counter-Strike and CSGO brands. At the moment, there’s an interesting conspiracy theory that CS2’s launch is somehow linked to the US version of The Office. However, these new trademark filings seem to offer more certainty.

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