Virginia Tech recognizes employees’ military service with Veterans Day gifts and invites them to special events

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  • Approximately 320 Virginia Tech employees who are military veterans will receive a gift of appreciation in recognition of their service to the country.
  • Veterans will receive an invitation to the university‚Äôs Veterans Day events and a Virginia Tech duffle bag gift, hand delivered by members of the Virginia Tech Corps of Cadets.
  • Veterans are encouraged to update their employee information to self-identify as a military veteran, and can do so by logging into Hokie SPA and clicking on “Veterans Classification” in the “Hokie Team” section.

Virginia Tech is honoring its employees who have served in the military with an appreciation event and special Veterans Day gifts. As part of the university’s commitment to recognizing and supporting its veteran community, all employees who have served in the military will receive invitations to a special event to celebrate their service.

In addition to the event, Virginia Tech will also be gifting each veteran employee with a token of appreciation in honor of Veterans Day. The university is proud to show its gratitude to those who have served their country and are now contributing to the Virginia Tech community.

“Our veteran employees have made tremendous sacrifices in service to our country, and we want to make sure they feel appreciated and recognized for their contributions,” said President Tim Sands. “We are grateful for their dedication to both their military service and to their work at Virginia Tech.”

The event and gifts are just a small way that Virginia Tech is expressing its gratitude to its veteran employees. The university is committed to creating a supportive and inclusive environment for all its employees, including those who have served in the military.

Virginia Tech is proud to honor its veteran employees on Veterans Day and every day, and is grateful for the valuable contributions they bring to the university community.

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