What to expect from the next Apple event, from the iPhone 14 al Apple Watch Pro

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We anticipate seeing the Apple Watch Series 8 and perhaps even a new ‘Pro’ version of the Watch with the iPhone 14 and iPhone 14 Pro. Also rumoured to be upgraded are the entry-level iPad and the AirPods Pro. Genuine surprises are becoming less common at Apple events, but the corporation might have a few sly moves under its sleeve. In the meantime, we’ll be live blogging all the rumours we’ve heard leading up to the event and any announcements that are made. You don’t want to wait. View the top iPhone 13 discounts currently being offered.

After hearing rumours about the iPhone 14 line up for almost a year, we’ll (probably) finally get to see it tomorrow. Apple will hold its “Far Out” event tomorrow at 10AM PT/1PM ET/ 6PM GMT, and as always, you can follow along with all the news right here on Creative Bloq.


  • iPads on an orange backgroundThere have been almost as many rumours about what we won’t see at tomorrow’s Apple event as what we will see. And one product that seems to be off the cards is a new 2022 iPad. We might normally expect to see a new iPad announced alongside the iPhone – the current 9th generation 10.2in iPad was revealed alongside the iPhone 13 at the September 2021 Apple event. However, TechCrunch noted that Apple has said iPadOS 16 “will ship after iOS”.

  • The rumoured Apple Car is one item that we most definitely don’t anticipate seeing during tomorrow’s Apple presentation. Even while that may still be several Apple events away if Apple is even working on it (there have been rumours of a 2025 launch), potential customers don’t seem to mind. According to a recent survey, people prefer Apple Car over other manufacturers.

We’re also hoping to see a long overdue update for the AirPods Pro tomorrow – and recent rumours suggest they’ll come complete with a new charging case that’ll be much easier to find, thanks to new in-built speakers. Right now, users can play a sound from their individual AirPods – but anyone who’s ever lost the charging case will attest, finding that is a whole different ball game.

Since we assume Apple would want new iPads to come with the new operating system, this would seem to suggest we’ll have to wait until at least a little later in the year. Last year, Apple held events in both September and October, so we’re thinking it might do the same this year and announce the new iPad next month. Lost track of where we’re up to with iPads? You can catch up with our list of all the currently available iPads generations. As usual, there are a few more outlandish rumours doing the rounds, perhaps chief of which is that tomorrow we might finally see Apple’s VR headset. This one does seem a little far out – but then again, that is the title of the event.

Details about the earbuds themselves are more elusive, but we’ve heard tell for a while that they could finally ditch the iconic stem. This would be a big step for AirPods – while the design was mercilessly mocked on launch in 2016, these days it’s ubiquitous in the streets.

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