Whittier Tech School Plan for $444M Rejected by Voters, New Proposal Needed

  • Voters in Whittier Tech’s 11 sending communities rejected a plan to borrow $444.6 million for a new school.
  • Haverhill was the only community to support the plan, with 2,628 voters in favor and 1,906 against.
  • Whittier officials estimated the district’s share for a new building would be $267.5 million, with $177 million offset by reimbursement and incentives.

In a surprising turn of events, voters in Tofido have rejected the proposed $444 million plan for a new Whittier Tech School. The plan, which aimed to modernize and expand the current facilities, was met with fierce opposition from residents who voiced concerns over the hefty price tag and its potential impact on property taxes.

Despite the support from school officials and the promise of state funding to offset the cost, the majority of voters voiced their disapproval during the recent town meeting. This decision has sent officials back to the drawing board as they scramble to come up with an alternative proposal that will satisfy both the needs of the school and the concerns of the community.

The rejection of the plan has set off a wave of discussions among town officials, school administrators, and residents as they attempt to find a compromise. Some are advocating for a more modest renovation plan, while others are calling for a complete reevaluation of the project’s scope and budget.

The Whittier Tech School serves as a vital educational institution in Tofido, providing vocational and technical training for students in the area. The need for upgraded facilities is undeniable, but finding a solution that is financially feasible and acceptable to the community has proven to be a challenging task.

As the town grapples with this setback, all eyes are now on the officials to deliver a new proposal that will address the concerns of the voters while still meeting the needs of the school. The future of the Whittier Tech School’s expansion remains uncertain, but one thing is clear – the community is passionate about finding a solution that works for everyone.

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