Apple Watch Ultra and Samsung Galaxy Watch 5 Pro

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That being said, each also potentially has the ability to draw customers over from the opposite platform. Both the Galaxy Watch 5 Pro and the Apple Watch Ultra have things going for them that make them tempting pieces of tech. In this article we’ll compare the two smartwatches. While the Galaxy Watch 5 Pro and the Apple Watch Ultra are similar in a number of ways, they’re also quite different. So let’s break down how each compares.

Two of the newest smartwatches on the market are the Apple Watch Ultra and the Galaxy Watch 5 Pro from Samsung. Additionally, both watches are made for the same type of customer: energetic, adventurous outdoor types that need/want features that go along with that. Both smartwatches give their respective clients access to a good number of these functionalities. Naturally, each is oriented toward a different platform, as well.


  • However, both companies take a different approach to the shape. Samsung follows its familiar round design for the watch body while Apple continues to use a square body. Both companies are using sapphire crystal for the glass that sits on top of the display. Which helps protect the display from scratches and scuffs. Both also have a decent selection of watch bands to choose from.

  • There’s no getting around it. When it comes to design, quite honestly both watches look massive. Although the Apple Watch Ultra is definitely larger than Samsung Galaxy Watch 5 Pro. It’s noticeably thicker too. But dimensions aside, the design of both watches is really rather stunning. A big part of that is no doubt the use of the titanium for the watch body.

While the Apple Watch Ultra is undoubtedly larger, both watches probably don’t feel too different on the wrist. So most people shouldn’t have to worry about either one feeling a lot more weighty than the other. Overall both have good designs and even though slight improvements could be made, users will surely be happy with their picks.

The Galaxy Watch 5 Pro and the Apple Watch Ultra also both have two buttons for interaction. But the Apple Watch Ultra also has the digital crown, while Samsung opts for the digital touch bezel.

Both watches have great-looking displays and will be able to get the job done for their intended purposes. Which is to ensure that everything is visible when in use. That being said, Apple’s display is larger and that may help with visibility a little more than on the Galaxy Watch 5 Pro. The Apple Watch Ultra also has a slightly higher pixel density and screen resolution.

Both watches have an always-on display as well, but Apple’s Watch Ultra gets significantly brighter. The Galaxy Watch 5 Pro has a peak brightness of 1,000 nits whereas the Apple Watch Ultra has a peak brightness of 2,000 nits. So the Ultra will be more easily visible even in direct sunlight. For those that use the device on their outdoor adventures constantly, and especially in sunnier climates, this is definitely going to matter.

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