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At InfoComm India 2022, ViewSonic India will showcase a variety of collaborative solutions that will enhance hybrid environments


Eric Wei, General Manager Asia Pacific for ViewSonic – Asia Pacific, said: Our audiovisual products are well-crafted to meet the needs of workspace and hybrid learning methods.The uniqueness of what we offer is that both hardware and software meet the needs of workspace or hybrid model scenarios. It is fully equipped as a solution that satisfies Our collaboration tools are therefore ideal for use in companies, schools and research laboratories. ”

The company highlighted the improvisational nature of hybrid spaces by showcasing a range of products, including next-generation ViewBoard® displays, monitors and projectors. These various innovative solutions are compatible with interactive meeting rooms and designed with integrated visual display solutions to enhance today’s remote, physical and virtual environments. .


  • Collaborating on a shared device makes video conferencing complicated, simplify communication and presentations with the CDE6520 presentation display and VB-CAM-201 all-in-one video conferencing camera to reduce effort. The product is based on intuitive and integrated solutions that improve your working environment. Compatible with multiple operating systems, this VB-CAM-201 features stereo speakers and four array microphones with 3A audio processing technology.

  • ViewSonic offers a variety of visual solutions to help your work environment. The ViewSonic IFP8652-1A is built into the VB-CAM-002 webcam that optimizes meeting rooms so everything feels interactive and looks great. In addition, the myViewBoard presentation is more efficient as all displays are connected to his one tool allowing you to set up, manage and maintain your devices on your network. From maximizing productivity to simplifying wireless presentations, these solutions are enterprise compatible and efficiently enhance video communications.

ViewSonic also introduces the first all-in-one Direct View LD135-151 LED video wall that expands your field of vision with an amazingly smooth viewing experience. Integrating multiple systems into one display, this large screen display is embedded with gold bonding wires for easy installation, operation and maintenance. Through further development of the hybrid model, various products and solutions facilitate the transition to hybrid teaching and learning methods.

It also features automatic focus adjustment for voice tracking and automatic image adjustment with a wide-angle field of view up to 121 degrees, ensuring complete team communication in one image. ViewSonic also showcased some of the products that complement hybrid meeting rooms. The touchscreen portable monitor TD1655 and webcam monitor VG2440V are perfect for collaboration and video conferencing. With the ability to extend the screen from other devices, the product facilitates meetings through mobile work and individual presentations.

In the hybrid education space, ViewSonic introduces myViewBoard Sens, the next generation of collaborative education with AI-driven support. The software enables classroom engagement by using various sensors to process data about the student’s environment and sensory state. Besides Edtech tools, ViewSonic also announced the ID2456 Smart Podium solution with MPP2.0 active pen. This monitor is designed to give you the freedom to work with a pen in your hand, without the limitations of a mouse.

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