One of the biggest Xbox Series X games to date is NBA 2K23

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With the move to dedicated SSD storage in next-gen consoles, storage space on these drives has become a valuable asset. Especially when using external cards to expand the base storage. Unfortunately, some next-gen games don’t really take this into account. NBA 2K23 is the latest big Xbox Series X title. As the folks at Reddit discovered (the game is now available for installation before release), NBA 2K23 on Xbox Series X is just over 150GB…that’s a big deal! We’ve seen some gigantic game sizes of this generation so far, but they rarely cross the 150 GB mark, especially in this genre! We don’t know the game install size for the Xbox Series S yet, but if it’s close to the size of the Series X, it’ll take up almost half of the system’s available internal hard drive space!


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