Bungie patents indicate mobile gaming may soon travel

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  • Bungie has patented new touchscreen technology to confirm rumors of a mobile first-person shooter set in the Destiny universe. All of Bungie’s patents focus on a digital controller and a modified way to communicate with other devices from a mobile screen. While nothing has been confirmed, a Destiny mobile game could be an exciting addition to the franchise for fans who want a new experience in the universe. Indeed, many of those speculating about IP Destiny on mobile have said that the title will be a standalone game.

Reports on the Destiny mobile game are recent and unconfirmed, but this new Bungie patent information is, if nothing else, proof that the studio is working on some sort of title or app. use for mobile devices. The patents filed by Bungie show some interesting digital controllers.

The studio has created an auto-targeting system that explicitly recommends usage in FPS environments. That would make sense, especially if Bungie’s claims about PvP-focused mobile games are true. Several other images in the patent also hint at a possible link between mobile controls and other devices, meaning players can use mobile devices in conjunction with other screens.

Some of Bungie’s patents include Infinite Drag and Swipe for mobile, virtual button loading, and a collection of state-based action buttons. Bungie has appeared in the mobile game Destiny 2 content in Fortnite. The studio is also working on the next major expansion, Destiny 2: Lightfall, which will bring new mechanics, subclasses, and story content to the ever-evolving Destiny universe. And, while the mobile game Destiny may be in its third year of development, fans shouldn’t expect mobile content anytime soon.

However, the most important information about Bungie’s flagship franchise concerns Destiny 2: Lightfall and The Final Shape. Lightfall will continue the story of The Witness and its battle with The Darkness, and The Final Shape will be the final expansion in the Light and Darkness saga. And so while it will be great for fans and potential new players to see the Destiny mobile game coming, it’s more than likely that Bungie will continue to focus on the next major additions. for Destiny 2 in the near future.

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