By the end of 2022, Apple hardware subscription services could be launched

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Currently, both Apple One and Apple Care subscription plans are offered separately in the country. The two services are expected to be available under the same umbrella as the iPhone subscription service. Also Read – Apple A16 Bionic Geekbench results show a nominal performance difference over A15 Bionic

Apple is probably going to introduce a new hardware subscription service that will combine Apple One with devices like the iPhone and iPad with the release of its iPhone 14 series. Mark Gurman of Bloomberg reported this. He added that this service might be implemented later this year. Apple iOS 16 is now out; see whether your iPhone qualifies for the upgrade.This is not the first time it is rumoured that the tech giant is working on an iPhone subscription plan. It was first reported by Bloomberg back in March this year. It was described as Apple’s “biggest push yet into automatically recurring sales.” Also Read – Apple Watch Ultra: You will have to pay roughly Rs 43,000 if you break it


  • Gurman revealed that Apple is currently testing this service extensively. As per the statement, “The company is indeed still working on a hardware subscription service that will integrate with its Apple One bundles. Apple is actively testing this new service, and I do expect it to launch either later this year or next year.”

  • In the existing installments program, buyers are charged in a way that the price of the device is split across 12 or 24 months. However, in the iPhone subscription program, they will have to pay monthly charges (yet-to-announced) depending on the device. Additionally, there are chances that the subscribers will be able to swap their devices with new ones as soon as the new models enter the market.

Apple recently hosted a launch event but chose not to announce this service just yet. To this, Gurman believed that the tech giant did announce anything about this service at the iPhone 14 launch event to “reduce launch day complexity. After it all, it will add an entirely new way to buy an iPhone.”Since the tech giant is yet to launch its iPad and Macs next month, chances are, it will announce the hardware subscription plan at the same time

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