Game of the Week for Android: drooling over Inbento’s mouthwatering puzzles

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Mimic the passage of time as you progress through more difficult levels, and as your kitten grows, your lunch becomes bigger and more complex. This super cute game may not reinvent the puzzle wheel, but its fantastic presentation and execution make it a great addition to any puzzle lover’s library. Each puzzle is laid out like a recipe. It’s your job to make a bento according to your cookbook with the handful of delicious food you’re given, including chunks of salmon, eggs and rice.

Whether it’s a food game or a mobile game, looks matter. If it doesn’t look good, you probably won’t eat it. And if a mobile game looks crappy, you’ll probably never play it.Luckily, inbento has created his adorable puzzle game for Android using delicious Japanese bento (bento). Be prepared and knock it out of the park on both fronts. In this simple, wordless story, you play as a cute mom cat and make a beautiful lunch for her kittens.


  • Or maybe your lunch is already full, but you need to use sliders or swappers to place the ingredients in the right places. A seemingly minimalistic aesthetic hides a surprisingly complex experience. The game’s acoustic piano soundtrack and delightful sound design complete this delicious meal. In particular, I love the soothing muddy sound that flows when the bento parts are moved. I don’t have much criticism of his Inbento, but I would welcome the inclusion of a hint system (like Line Blaster).

  • The trick is in the order of placement and when and where to add a few extra items that can radically change your bento. There are 14 stages that can be unlocked, each with 9 puzzles. Also, don’t let the painfully easy first few levels fool you. After the game gets a chance to teach you the basic mechanics, inbento starts increasing the difficulty and adds a few twists to the formula. For example, most of the lunch pieces can be rotated, but this particular puzzle may have two of them in place.

There is also no option to skip levels. This can become a problem in the challenging final level. When you get stuck, you have no choice but to turn to the internet for a solution. $2.99 ​​inbento is a premium his puzzle game with over 120 levels to complete. Depending on how fast you play, the experience might end before you know it, but over time he might play a few times a day and that meal might last a little longer. Play Pass subscribers can also get this compelling title for free.

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