Google’s patents for foldable phones show a Galaxy Fold-inspired style

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In the first of those, a gadget that can fold completely shut is depicted, with a section of the flexible display curving inside the phone’s hinge, much like the Moto Razr and Oppo Find N. This approach often results in a display crease that is less clearly defined and noticeable. Regarding the other patent, which was initially submitted in 2021, the device differs slightly from the Galaxy Fold in terms of how it positions the selfie camera. It seems Google has been considering putting it inside the display’s bezel rather than having it hidden beneath the display or with a punch-hole cutout for the camera.

According to recently leaked patents, Google may be planning to manufacture its own foldable phone. The company’s methods for creating a hinge and a camera in the huge internal display’s bezel were also revealed. Particularly, Google submitted two patents to the WIPO, which have since been made public: WO2022177607 and WO2022177596. “Integration of a hinge on a foldable device” and “Foldable device with bezel positioned camera” are the titles of the two corresponding patents.


  • Free Pixel Buds A-Series with the purchase of a Pixel 6a. On July 21, 2022, Pocket-lint International Promotion. It was predicted that it would be released by this point, however the product hasn’t appeared yet. If and when it finally does arrive, we may find that the folding display technology is comparable to the patents, but given how thick they are, it would be surprising if it actually resulted in such bulky camera-equipped bezels.

  • It’s important to remember that, like with any patent, there’s no guarantee that the final product will look exactly like what’s depicted in the sketches. Instead, they are usually plans for how to construct particular components of those phones and patent them to safeguard the manufacturer’s ideas. There have been rumours that Google’s foldable phone is in development and will follow the Galaxy Fold’s design strategy of having a sizable internal display that opens up like a book.

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