With improved specs, the vivo X Fold S is expected to arrive soon

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The vivo X Fold S will have Qualcomm’s Snapdragon 8+ Gen 1 CPU, a 4,700 mAh battery, and support for 80W cable charging, according to the typically trustworthy Digital Chat Station. According to reports, those are the only variations from the X Fold, which features a 4,600 mAh battery, a Snapdragon 8 Gen 1 processor, and capability for 66W cable charging. The forthcoming phone should otherwise be an exact replica of the previous design.

Only a few months have passed since vivo introduced its first foldable smartphone, the X Fold, but the firm is already gearing up to introduce the X Fold S, a slightly improved version of the original. We now know what improvements to anticipate over the non-S version that is already available, which was initially discussed in the leakerverse earlier this month. Warning: none of these will leave you in awe. With improved specifications, the vivo X Fold S is anticipated to come soon.


  • Health technology startups also made headlines, with the most current group of startups to include WalkThru Virtual Reality, Andson Biotech, and DroptRx. The startups that presented this week at Create-Demo X’s Day are making some very important strides. The programme acted as a launching pad for VC-backed companies like Stord, Grubbly Farms, Gimme Vending, and Insight Optics.

  • Some businesses, such as ModuWear, are bringing together students from Illinois University and Georgia Tech to develop a sustainable, modular clothing line. Pattent is creating a “Google Maps for drones” to help unmanned aircraft navigate around congested cities and dangerous areas while in the air.

Powell claims that the concept for Kythe, Inc. emerged during a law lesson. We are used to sitting in class and learning about these issues relating to insurance claims, she said to Hypepotamus. A developing dessert company was clearly a crowd favourite on Demo Day, despite the fact that the bulk of Create-X teams are software enterprises. Esco Eats, a series of desserts from Esco Hill, is advertised as a pie and a cobbler in one. The team has already attracted some big clients, like the sporting facilities at Georgia Tech and

Three spec enhancements aren’t much, but they’re also not nothing. It is yet to be known how X Fold early adopters would feel about the device being replaced after only a few months on the market. It appears that the X Fold S will be unveiled very soon.

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