Here are some reasons why windshield repair using modern technology is terrible

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“It’s becoming more common in a variety of vehicles,” said Aaron Schulenberg, executive director of the Association of Collision Repair Professionals. “What was once a very simple operation now requires complex diagnostics and calibration work.” This process is not trivial with windshield repairs, so drivers don’t have a false sense of security when they get their car back. Scroll through this Honda presentation to get a sense of how many systems and calibration processes are involved.

Many modern technologies are a beacon of hope that makes our lives easier. But sometimes, once-simple actions turn into real pain. Windshield repair falls into the latter category. Gone are the days when the windshield was glass. Instead, the technology that works in modern cars does more than just keep out precipitation. And these repairs have also become much more expensive. First, the integration of cameras and other sensors in the windshield that look down on the road with you.


  • As cars become more complex, repair shops often rely on quality aftermarket parts to keep costs down, but Ford, Honda and FCA all advise against using aftermarket windshields. I’m here. BMW may even require the use of special electromagnetic compatibility screws during repairs so as not to affect ADAS functionality. Proper insurance should cover such procedures, but that doesn’t mean your insurer will like it. propelled,” says Schulenberg.

  • In some cases, car manufacturers advise not to reuse windshields after they have been removed. And this extends to other parts of the car as well. Ford recently recommended replacing your car’s bumper cover with an advanced driver assistance system every time you need multiple paint jobs. Modern car windshields also have dedicated display areas for heads-up projectors and technology related to automatic wipers or auto-dimming high beams.

“Unfortunately, insurance companies are lagging behind in understanding and accepting these repair processes, so it can be difficult at times.” Yesterday he said a $500 windshield replacement would cost thousands today It may take. Not worthless. Reuters’ recent analysis of the adoption of various forms of ADAS technology shows how ADAS technology can reduce crash rates and, as a result, how widespread it is across auto makes and models. Get ready for more complex repairs in less than 45 minutes without leaving your driveway.

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