Meta clarifies a crucial point regarding Quest Pro

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Another question that explored this topic further was how long it would take to be able to work in VR for a day. Specifically, I was asked about coding, having to bring up a window full of text and enter precise information on the keyboard. Boz replied that while this is already possible for some, there are enough variations that it is better to hope for improvements over time than to provide a perfect solution the first time.

Several questions were addressed during the Ask Me Anything (AMA), moderated by Andrew “Boz” Bosworth, CTO of Meta. In one of the themes that surfaced in his reply, he revealed that Meta’s Quest Pro headset, due for release at the Meta Connect event in October, is more about productivity than gaming.
Meta Quest Pro, also known as Project Cambria, is intended to function more like a laptop than a game console. When asked how Meta’s upcoming headset will affect the market, Boz said it’s a very different device than the Quest headset, with a significantly higher cost and a better feature set for professionals. explained that it has This is planned as a work headset.


  • It also provides an update on the status of some of Meta’s advanced technologies. For example, Meta Connect is not supposed to be a list controller, but we plan to add more functionality to this device. Bosworth explained that depth sensors are too expensive in terms of weight and cost, so there is no point in using them if meta-image processing can achieve the same. Boz also noted that bone conduction audio doesn’t work well for some people, and suggested speakers as a solution for the Quest Pro.

  • Text resolution, interface usability, sight and distance adjustments, headset comfort after hours of use all play a role. That means the Quest Pro may not be a perfect laptop replacement, at least for everyone. For meetings with his members of the remote team, the focus seems to be on integrating virtual screens and mixed reality into the work environment. Boz expressed his excitement about it, sharing that the demo he saw recently was one of the highlights of his career.

There have also been questions about the lack of legs or arms in meta-avatars, and while it’s easy for others to make them look right, it doesn’t seem to be the case for the owners of those limbs. It was interesting to see the answer to the question of whether AR glasses will replace smartphones and stare into the distance. Boz replied that comfortable and stylish wearables he could use all day would replace phones, but such AR his glasses are “far away.”

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