More money is spent on this Steve Jobs autograph than a Tesla Model S

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This ten-year plaque honors those who have made significant individual contributions to Apple’s extraordinary success over the past ten years. Apple recognizes your talent, enthusiasm, and vigor, but also for your ten years of originality and dedication to your career.

In 2000, Jobs gave the plaque to Suzanne Lindbergh, a former Apple marketing manager. It’s a unique honor given to employees who have spent ten years at Apple.

We hope you still think the journey itself is the best reward, as we do.

It comes with a comprehensive letter of authenticity from PSA/DNA. Because the company switched to facsimile signatures on anniversary awards, Jobs only authentically signed a small number of items, including the plaque he issued shortly after his return to Apple.

Lindbergh spent 25 years working for Apple before quitting in 2013. She progressed to the position of “Worldwide Director of Buzz Marketing,” which involved obtaining Apple product placements in motion pictures and television programs.

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