Nightdive, the studio behind the System Shock remake, to be acquired by Atari for $10M.

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Atari has announced that it is acquiring Nightdive Studios, the development company behind the highly anticipated System Shock remake, as well as other classic game enhancements. The deal is worth $10 million, with half being paid in Atari stock, and is expected to be completed by the end of April.

While the acquisition may come as a surprise, given Atari’s recent lackluster commercial projects, Nightdive’s decision to sell to Atari instead of the Embracer Group is notable. The latter has been aggressively buying up top-notch studios worldwide.

Nightdive’s portfolio includes several well-known games, such as Turok, Shadow Man, and PowerSlave, and the System Shock remake has been generating significant buzz among gamers. The acquisition is expected to bolster Atari’s gaming offerings and revenue streams.

Atari’s recent projects, including the Atari VCS dashboard and the underwhelming NFT side project, have failed to excite consumers. However, the company’s Hotel It’s Head project has been well-received. The release of Llamasoft’s Atari game has also garnered positive attention from the gaming community.

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