Test results for the 4-channel Starke Sound Fiera4 amplifier

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If you’re looking for an amp like this, I’d recommend looking at the Fiera4. Fiera4 is a new version of an older amplifier called AD4.320. The new amplifier appears to be part of Starke Sound’s commitment to Class D amplifiers. Older amplifiers relied on powerful linear power supplies, while newer amplifiers use switching power supplies. One of the biggest advantages of switching power supplies is the ability to use a universal power supply that works in any country.

The Starke Sound Fiera4 is a new amplifier and successor to the now-discontinued AD4.320 amplifier. The Fiera4 is a great amp for the price. There are some high-end competition, but the overall performance is exceptional, the build quality is excellent, and the sound quality is good enough for a high-end home theater.This amp is currently on a Labor Day sale for $1,299 and is even more valuable. Read on to find out why. You might see me picking out a few little things here and there, but I didn’t think any of these issues sounded particularly good.


  • Upgraded NS600 amplification module with an extensively redesigned front end

  • These supplies allow manufacturers to reduce their sku`s to just one instead of two power supplies (which may actually entail several various parts and sku`s). I have long been a fan of good switching supplies because they also allow you to create a “stiffer” power supply that sags less with load (though one net effect of that is that it may create a hard knee or cut-off at which the amplifier power supply simply shuts down from over-current). Switching supplies also often have much lower noise than linear supplies, with the ripple being many times lower. This is an enormous advantage in ultra-low noise amplifiers. Other noted upgrades include:

Improved internal shielding

Improved chassis

Improved wiring paths

Besides the switching power supply and other upgrades, the Fiera4 contains two amplifier modules rated for around 130 watts RMS into eight ohms and 260 watts into four ohms across four channels (2-channels per module). Some might say this is a good receiver order, but I would suggest that few receivers can achieve these levels of performance for any length of time when driving all channels. The Fiera4 maintains this level of performance all day long.

A good reason to add an external amplifier is that it can achieve those levels of power when all channels are pressed, even if it is significantly less powerful than the one onboard the receiver. receiver is a class AB problem that consumes power. Efforts have been made to improve efficiency, but efficiency is typically less than 65% at full load and drops off significantly at low power levels. In contrast, Class D amplifiers typically exceed 90% efficiency at maximum power.

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