Phantom of the Night, a newly released Persona 5 spin-off game (P5X)

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Collaborating with him got close enough to murder him. Unfortunately, his father plotted to kill his son all along. Akechi eventually realizes that the protagonist is someone similar to himself and decides to sacrifice himself to ensure the escape of the heroic Phantom Thieves. It also allows Royal players to spend more time with him in an all-new arc. The aftermath added a new semester where reality was turned upside down. In this transformed Tokyo, each character resolves a personal tragedy and lives a happy life.

Goro Akechi is a high school student who is the main rival of Persona 5. In the original game, he is known to betray the party after pretending to be his friends, he does this in his version of the extended royale too, but in this update of his 2019 game, Additional scenes are added. These social interactions make Akechi feel more like a deeply concerned friend than a fucking cop with a last-minute change of heart. Like most RPG antagonists, Akechi has a tragic backstory. His mother died when he was very young and he was raised as an orphan (bearing a significant social stigma in general in Japan).

The only scenario that can save Akechi. But he rejects the artificial world and the false happiness that comes with it. In the original work, death was implied, so it disappears by defeating the master of this world. he doesn’t care To him, dying is preferable to living under the thumb of a higher power.

But I wanted you to live! Following the ending where the artificial world is destroyed, Royal teases the possibility that Akechi survived. And she gasps at the prospect of reuniting with Akechi in the sequel, Scramble. I have never completed this musou game despite having completed many other games. That must have been one of the reasons why Akechi wasn’t there. I wasn’t badly invested in the P5 it didn’t exist.

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