Spyware from The NSO group cannot now be used to hack the UK Phones

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Haya’s phone was repeatedly hacked on the orders of her ex-husband Sheikh Mohammed, and the ex-couple was embroiled in a custody battle for their two children. Five of them, including two lawyers, were also hacked. The case came back into the spotlight this week when a senior British judge ruled that the hack occurred and involved malware from NSO. As a result, spyware said changes to the company’s software prevented customers from targeting UK-based phone numbers, according to sources close to his vendor. to all our customers.

Notorious Israeli spyware provider NSO Group will no longer allow its customers to hack British citizens, a source close to the company told The Guardian this week. This change is “hard-coded” into NSO’s notorious malware Pegasus, making it impossible to target UK-based phone numbers in the future, sources claim. Such abrupt changes are part of the recent British hacking scandal involving Princess Haya bint Al Hussein, daughter of the King of Jordan and ex-wife of Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum, Emir of Dubai must have been spurred by After fleeing Dubai and fleeing to London in 2019.


  • The project was largely based on a list of some 50,000 phone numbers that researchers said were “potential targets” for Pegasus surveillance. The list, which the NSO disputes over its legitimacy, included the number of presidents, prime ministers and kings. For years, the company has claimed its products are only used to track and monitor “terrorists” and other criminals, but Pegasus has been used by political activists, human rights defenders, journalists and politicians.

  • In the middle of the night we put out a quick update that no customers were able to work on UK numbers,” a source apparently told The Guardian block. That is Good if true. It’s unclear, however, why the company hasn’t released an official statement, rather than allowing unofficial sources to make their claims to the press. The company faced a storm of global criticism earlier this year after launching the “Pegasus Project,” an international collaboration of journalists and researchers, highlighting the extent to which NSO’s spyware is being used around the world clarified.

Has been found many times on the devices of businessmen. NSO Group has also long claimed that its malware is not allowed to be used against U.S. citizens, and that phones with country code +1 cannot be hacked with its products. rice field. However, it was reported last January that the FBI was “investigating the role” of the NSO in “potential hacking of American residents and businesses.”

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