The best deals right now include Google Chromecast, HyperX Cloud Alpha Wireless, and more

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It’s been a few weeks since I’ve had the Cloud Alpha Wireless in my possession. Purely acoustically, like most gaming headsets, they’re a little overpriced compared to standard headphones. The “V” character here is to boost the bass and boost the treble at the expense of some treble. and midrange emphasis. But especially alongside other gaming headsets, the ones here are still excellent, and have a positive impact on bass-heavy tunes and in-game explosions.

It’s Wednesday, so it’s time for another Dealmaster. The latest roundup of the web’s best tech deals includes new lows for HyperX’s Cloud Alpha wireless gaming headset. Currently, Amazon has it down to $140 with a coupon on the site. They’re not cheap by any means for gaming headphones, but they’re $60 less than HyperX’s MSRP and $20 less than the best price we’ve seen so far.


  • Note that they can let in a little more external noise than other closed-back headphones, especially in noisy environments. please give me. The included boom mic is great for casual gaming chats, but the dedicated USB mic gives you a richer sound. Also note that these headphones can only be connected via the included USB dongle, not via Bluetooth or a 3.5mm cable.

  • You can even customize the Cloud Alpha Wireless sounds via the app.) In competitive gaming, you can also pinpoint sounds such as footsteps. Like the wired Cloud Alpha (also recommended), this is a very comfortable headset that you can wear for hours. The earcups and headband have plush padding, and the overall construction doesn’t press too hard on your ears.

I’ve documented occasional use of the headset over the past few months, and after about 150 hours of listening across music, games, and podcasts, I’ve never had to charge the headset. Meanwhile, HyperX’s app says it has about 40% battery left. As always, exactly how much battery you get depends on how loud you turn the volume up, but in any case, the headphone battery lasts for weeks, if not months. It’s important not to worry about using it.We are offering it now.

This is fine if you’re using it with a PC or PlayStation console (or Switch dock), but not with a mobile device or Xbox console (which requires special wireless technology to work). However, the main reason we overlook the Cloud Alpha Wireless’ shortcomings is its frankly ridiculous battery life. HyperX rates it at a whopping 300 hours for him, and based on our testing and that of other reviewers, that claim is no exaggeration.

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