The CAD rendering of the AirPods Pro 2 case reveals three new features

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As with the Apple Watch, the case can be ping-tagged to define the noise so that it can be physically positioned. A suspected speaker and microphone are now visible on the leaked CAD model; they are represented by little circles at the bottom of the charging cover. On the side, you can see the third new feature or another feature. It need to be a groove designed for a strap to hang the case. This lanyard attachment was previously disclosed in a leak.

It concerns two pictures that Andrew O’Hara opened for AppleInsider. They are believed to be from an unidentified source and are purported to display the new charging case for the AirPods Pro 2. Unfortunately, this cannot be confirmed, thus it is unknown how accurate the photographs are or where they came from. But intriguing conjecture can be made using the images. The promised improvements for the updated AirPods Pro 2nd generation have previously been covered by us on numerous occasions. For instance, a necessary speaker to make the case simpler to find is included in this.


  • However, what you can’t see from the rendering is whether the case has a Lightning connector like the current version, or whether it has a USB-C connector. There were rumors about this, but there were no clear signs. Other new features for the new AirPods Pro 2 include improved in-ear detection, fitness tracking capabilities, and more, according to the rumor mill.

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