The classics are remastered by Cyrus Audio

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Cyrus says the upgrades have significantly improved the sound, and he hopes the new model will have the same lifespan as its predecessor, staying unchanged for a decade or more. The connections on both models are fairly similar, with 4 analogue line level inputs, 2 optical digital inputs, 2 coaxial digital inputs and a phono MM input for connection to turntables. The Classic AMP’s power supply uses a 304VA toroidal transformer to feed the massive power reserve, providing two-channel output power ranging from 112W to 4 Ohms, 91W to 6 Ohms, and 91W to 8 Ohms.

British high-end audio brand Cyrus Audio has begun a revamp of its longtime classic series, starting with two new models. The first models in the new and improved Classic line are the aptly named Classic AMP Integrated Amplifier and Classic PRE Preamp. Both devices feature the classic Cyrus look that the company has become known for during its nearly 40-year history, but the inside is a very different story. Both models feature completely redesigned shifting and upgraded component selection, all inspired by the company’s premium XR range.


  • Classic PRE’s power supply features a 74VA toroidal transformer with 11 independent power regulators that provide quiet current in the circuit. The inputs and outputs are nearly identical, but PRE replaces the onboard amplifier and speaker outputs with left and right RCA preamps and balanced audio outputs, allowing you to connect to an external power amplifier to power the speakers. Classic AMP and Classic PRE will be available starting in August. Australian pricing and availability are unknown at this time, but the AMP will cost £1,995 (AUD 3,466.12) and the PRE will cost £2,595 (AUD 4,508.53) at launch in the UK.

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