The original title of the new Mafia game, as confirmed by Hangar 13, will be free this week on Steam

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The plan was to ditch the Mafia 3 engine used in the recent unpolished remaster and make it with Unreal Engine 5. The developer hasn’t directly confirmed this, but a new interview with Hangar 13 confirms that a new iteration of the crime-sim franchise is in the works. However, Hladik also refrained from calling it “Mafia 4”, which is consistent with the leak. Mafia studio Hangar 13 has undergone a series of layoffs over the past year, including the resignation of studio head Hayden Blackman.

A new Mafia game – colloquially known as Mafia 4 – has been confirmed by developer Hangar 13. In an interview marking Mafia’s 20th anniversary, general manager Roman Hladik said a new project was in development and was “a few years away” from the official announcement. As part of the celebration, his publisher 2K Games is offering the original Mafia title for free on his PC. The game can be redeemed on Steam from He’s September 1st to He’s September 5th, after which it’s yours. Rumors of a new Mafia game have been circulating since May, with reports that it will be a prequel to his existing trilogy.


  • At first Salieri feels uncomfortable joining a mafia family, but the rewards of his actions become too great to ignore, gradually turning him into a crime boss. The game is available for free on Steam from September 1st to September 5th. Otherwise he is Rs.365. Mafia was remade in 2020, titled The Definitive Edition, with new graphics, new game mechanics, and improved sound design. This version which costs Rs. It costs $2,199 on Steam, but is currently discounted at Rs. 769 and is not being distributed for free.

  • 2K Games confirmed the news, but did not provide any background to the dismissal. Reports suggest that the massive layoffs were related to several canceled projects, including a new IP codenamed Bolt. Parent company Take-Two quietly closed last year after already investing $50 million (roughly Rs 3.98 billion). The original Mafia game, released in 2002, is set in the 1930s and follows a taxi driver named Tommy Angelo who is reluctantly plunged into the world of organized crime.

Mafia sequels have also been remastered, but the changes were less significant.The final crime game of Hunger 13, Mafia 3, cites general mission design and technical issues at launch. , received mixed reviews from critics.

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