Utilizing AI Technology for Precision Advertising on Disney+ and Hulu

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Tech News Summary:

  • Disney is introducing “Disney’s Magic Words,” an innovative advertising tool using AI and machine learning to analyze scenes and identify content, brands, and moods.
  • The tool will allow brands to align their ads with the mood or theme of specific scenes within movies or TV shows, tailored to resonate with viewers on a deeper level.
  • Beta testing with leading advertising companies aims to refine the effectiveness of contextual advertising through artificial intelligence-based insights, reflecting Disney’s proactive approach to meeting the changing demands of advertisers and viewers in the streaming era.

Disney has announced a partnership with the artificial intelligence company, Samba TV, to enhance its advertising capabilities on its streaming platforms, Disney+ and Hulu. The collaboration aims to leverage AI-powered technology to target viewers with precision, delivering personalized ads to enhance the overall streaming experience.

Through this partnership, Disney will be able to collect and analyze viewership data to understand consumer behavior and preferences. This will allow the company to deliver targeted ads based on individual interests and demographics, creating a more relevant and engaging advertising experience for viewers.

By using AI-powered advertising, Disney aims to optimize its ad revenue while providing a more tailored and seamless experience for its subscribers. The technology will enable the company to deliver ads in real-time, adapting to viewer behavior and preferences in order to maximize engagement and relevance.

This move marks Disney’s commitment to enhancing its advertising capabilities and leveraging advanced technology to improve the overall streaming experience for its viewers. The partnership with Samba TV signifies the company’s dedication to staying at the forefront of the rapidly evolving streaming industry.

As the streaming landscape becomes increasingly competitive, personalized advertising will become an essential tool for companies like Disney to remain relevant and drive revenue growth. Through the use of AI-powered technology, Disney aims to create a more effective and efficient advertising strategy that benefits both the company and its viewers.

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