With his iPhone 14 series, Apple delete the SIM card tray

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Apple has fully switched over to eSIM. Users will no longer be able to physically insert a SIM card into their iPhones; instead, they will need to add providers digitally. The first manufacturer to actively promote widespread eSIM usage is Apple. The iPhone 14 range will inevitably become widely popular, therefore eSIM will profit from the enormous influence that Apple’s devices always have. As a result, in the near future, we might witness an increase in the number of devices that switch totally to eSIM.

What a shock! With the iPhone 14, Apple has managed to do away with another another standard packaging component. The SIM card tray ejector is the victim for this year. Apple has not, however, made this decision due of “environmental concerns”. Its absence is entirely warranted because you won’t be using one in the future.


  • Additionally, traveling will be a breeze with eSIM support, because users will easily be able to activate a corresponding eSIM from the country they are visiting. Lastly, eSIM enables users to have multiple phone numbers and data plans all at once. Now this is minimalism done right.

  • Remember when the iPhone came with headphones and a charger? Neither do we. This is the power of Apple and, luckily, this time it has been used to pave the way for some major progress instead of just profit. The technology of eSIM has a number of inherent advantages over your usual mundane SIM card. For once, stealing an iPhone is set to become even more difficult, because a thief will have a very hard time removing an eSIM from your device.

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