Yamaha adds STAGEPAS 1K mkII and DXL1K to its range of portable audio solutions

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With a coverage area of 170° (horizontal) by 30° (vertical), STAGEPAS 1K delivers uniform, high-quality sound throughout an audience. The on-board digital mixer offers extensive input capabilities, with three channels of mono microphone/line inputs, plus stereo inputs, as well as straightforward operation of 1-knob EQ and music/DJ/speech mode, allowing users to get the sound they want quickly and easily.

Featuring a high frequency array of ten 1.5” speakers and a compact, powerful 12″ bass reflex subwoofer, all driven by a powerful Class-D amplifier, STAGEPAS 1K is an all-in-one portable PA system that delivers professional audio performance from a small footprint and slimline vertical profile, with fast and simple setup. Now, enhanced sound and control features in the new mkII version make it even more flexible and powerful.


  • A completely redesigned 1100W Class D amplifier delivers premium 125dB SPL with stability and precision, allowing users to put on even more powerful performances. Enhanced with an all-new software application, the STAGEPAS Controller, that allows you to remotely control all STAGEPAS 1K mkII parameters using your Android or iOS device. In addition, the scene recall function allows you to save and recall settings for each song or application, reducing setup time during rehearsals and performances.

  • Since 2019, it has been the choice for a wide variety of uses, including music duos, small groups, mobile DJs, presentations, meetings and speeches, the included carrying case and optional DL-SP1K dolly allowing for easy transportation, letting users transform any location into a stage. The new STAGEPAS 1K mkII adds all the features that made the first generation system so popular, with improved sound pressure levels and more flexible remote control.

A 1:1 system can be set up to provide stereo or mono sound. Both the DXL1K and STAGEPAS 1K mkII inputs can be used when the STAGEPAS 1K mkII is configured to output mono audio. Up to 5 mono inputs and 1 stereo input are available. Similarly, two DXL1Ks can be used with two STAGEPAS 1K mkII (or three DXL1Ks and one STAGEPAS 1K mkII) to cover a wider or deeper range with stereo or mono audio. “The STAGEPAS 1K has been well received in the market and is a very popular solution for a wide range of small to medium SR applications worldwide. scalability has also been improved.

Complementing the STAGEPAS 1K mkII is the new DXL1K. A much-needed “sister” system without an integrated mixer. With identical power amplifiers, speaker arrays, quality construction and slim profile, the DXL1K delivers the same powerful, high-quality sound. In addition to suitability as a stand-alone active speaker system with a separate audio mixer, connecting the STAGEPAS 1K mkII and DXL1K systems improves coverage and output power for larger events.

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